JuzPOS is specially designed to help businesses keep track of customers, stock items and sales. It is a Real-Time Data Synchronization Capability. Data will be synchronizing with HQ server simultaneously. It is stable as both of its back-end and front-end database are supported by Microsoft SQL Server..

JuzPOS is fully integrated with powerful Mobile App, Home delivery App and Reporting Tools. You can synchronize data between terminal and database server over internet. Our back-end and mobile application are cloud based and responsive UI designed.

JuzPOS provides you greater flexibility which suit to the needs of different business practice. Here, you can hold bills temporary and resume it in the later days. JuzPOS is fully touch operable with clearly instructed on-screen short-cut key. You can enter POS transaction easier and in shorten time

JuzCafe , iMenu is a user friendly and responsive UI designed iOS application to give the different experience to the customer. All tables can assign to the waiters. Concern waiter get the notification for each order confirmation from customer.

JuzPOS home delivery app is cloud based iOS / Android app integrated with eNets Payment Gateway. Real time data synchronize with HQ server. User friendly application for self-ordering. Customer can track their orders easily and get notification via mail or sms.

JuzPOS all the transaction will send to centralized server. you can check the summarized outlet sales and detailed sales reports throw the web or mobile app..

JuzPOS Integrated with Self Collecting Cash Management Machine. It Minimize the human error. Track the cash handling. It gives the accuracy in cash handling and easy to check cash stock. It reduces the transaction time to less than a minute.

Feature List

Admin Control Panel

  • 1) Inventory Master

    - Inventory Creation

    - Cost & Price Settings

    - Barcode Printing

    - Tax & Discount Setup

    - Image Capturing for POS Touch View

    - UOM Settings

    - UOM Conversion

    - Location Stock Maintenance

    - FIFO or Weighted Average Cost

  • 2) Promotion

    - Item Discount.

    - Pair Discount

  • 3) Purchase

    - Supplier Management

    - Supplier Purchase Order Maintenance

    - Supplier Invoice Maintenance

    - Purchase Return Maintenance

  • 4) Stock Maintenance

    - Stock Take Module

    - Stock Adjustment

    - Stock Related Reports

  • 5) Security

    - Back office user’s settings

    - User permission

    - Cashier level permission

  • 6) Sales

    - Customer Maintenance

    - Sales Invoice creation

    - Sales amendment before close the sales

  • 7) Cash Sales

    - Cash Sales Integrated with Cash Machine

    - Simplify Cashier Operation

    - Accuracy in cash handling

    - Easy to check cash stock

    - Maintain the minimum stock level

    - Minimize the time for shift closing and day closing

    - Everyday sales Move to Safe

    - Cash stock alert throw system and mail

    - Maintain 2000 Pcs of Notes

    - Can hold 1000 Pcs of Coins

    - Less than 10 Sec for each Transaction

  • 8) HQ Application

    - Stock and Price maintenance by location wise

    - Data sync in both way

    - Location wise sales reports

    - Sales analyse report by a) Location wise b) Department wise c) Item wise

    - Purchase and stock transfer to outlets

    - Stock maintain by HQ and Outlet

    - Whole sales maintenance for bulk purchase